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my poems

These are my poems i hope you like them 

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts, sobbing eyes, pride nowhere
to find. My true self-hidden behind the
beauty I wish to find, friends no more,
maybe so love may come and go but family is
always hers to guide and to show. Some
friends break hearts, but not that one that
cares for you the most. Glasses nose ring good
friends tell the truth. Through thick and thin
they will be by your side, happy, sad, glad,
or mad. Tears of joy, tears of pain, tears
of broken hearts. Good friends your forever
as your family's are. Curtains closed you're
crying in your room in the pillow that's
shaped as a heart, and it is friends you
yearn to have. You hide your tears from
your friends your family and your peers
what's next you cry till you have no more
tears to cry, do you let them know, your due
you pretend to be happy.

Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

Copyright 2004 Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

My Goal

My hearts poundings, are they talking about

me, and if they are is it bad or good. Why

can't I reach my goal to be in the in crowd?

Why wont they give me a chance, why cant

they get to know me try and I try but the

end result is I cry. Why.

Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

Copyright 2004 Kaitlyn Marie Beamer


My Wind

I try not to care, I try not to cry I try

and I try to get through it, but when I see

other people with their B.F. I think that I

will never feel that wind. The wind of

friend ship I truly believe that I will

never have a bf why cant I have a friend

that cares for me and doesn't make me cry

but I will always have a family that loves

me more then any thing. Even thou I have a

family that loves me I will always want to

feel that wind that wind of friend ship. I

truly believe that I will never have a best


Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

Copyright 2004 Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

The Eyes

The eyes the eyes there their. Why are they

there. Why do I let them haunt me. Why do I

feel like I can't do anything. The tears the

tears there their. Why do the eyes torment

me so I say "I stink I stink". But every

one says I don't they lie. Why do I think

they lie, is it cause I have been hurt by so

many people that lie why.

Kaitlyn Marie Beamer

Copyright 2004 Kaitlyn Marie Beamer