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hes such a good actor and he studers

My mom is an angel from god
she is the perfect mom always
patient and kind and On April 12, 1971 two gorgeous baby boys were brought into this world in a Los Angeles hospital. Later on, one of these special babies would Kelly be best known for portraying the loyal and wise cracking "Xander Harris" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, his name is Nicholas Brendon. The other beautiful boy is Nicholas's twin Kelly Donovan - another very talented actor.

Nicholas being a young, handsome, and extremely talented actor does not take fame to his head. He keeps his cool by staying down-to-earth and staying extremely sweet. Nick makes time for his fans and makes sure that each and everyone gets a little attention from him.

Some fans may or may not know this, but Nick's dream [as a child] was not becoming an actor. His dream was either to become a professional baseball player for the L.A. Dodgers (this dream was hindered after he injured his arm.) or a doctor. Nicky had stated that, "Acting is something I just fell into." However, he also admitted that he always had a "need" to entertain people.

Xander Harris is the character that Nicholas is most known for. He did such an outstanding job portraying him that some people had the intention that Nick was EXACTLY like Xander in high school, but that's absolutely not true. In Buffy, Xander was always very witty, outgoing, and he really never cared what his peers thought of him. Nick was the total opposite. Beleive it or not, he was quite shy and kept mostly to himself throughout his high school years. In a snippet from Teen People Nick said the reason he stayed to himself was to "prevent mortification." Mortification from what? Nicholas had a terrible stutter since the young age of 7. He mentioned Nick & Kelly that he could actually feel when his stutter was coming on and would refrain from talking. Having this impedement made Nick sort of shy away from people. In an article from Young and Modern Magazine he said, "When my gawky stage hit HARD." At times he felt as if people (other than his family and friends) judged him...harshley.

Instead of things getting better, times actually grew a bit darker for Nicky. Not only was he having his personal battle with his stutter, but he was also having a rough time financially.
"I was having to scrounge nickels and dimes under my bed in order to buy a burrito. My girlfriend had just left me for my best friend...I was working as a waiter and I'd start to cry. I'd go outside and start bawling, then pull myself together and go back." - Desert News Article, 1998

One afternoon while sitting in his backyard, Nicholas found himself talking to God. One question he had asked was, "What can I do??" Immediately acting came into his mind. However, he was still very worried about his stutter. Nicky didn't let his problem get the best of him, though. Gradually he slowed his speech down and used tongue twisters to help overcome it.

Success happened when he heard that a show called Buffy the Vampire Nicholas's Senior Class Photo Slayer was going to be made. He had went into the studios and auditioned for the role of "AleXander LaVelle Harris." As he recalled, a couple of days after the audition, at around 11 o'clock in the morning, he received the phone called saying he won the part.

Before landing his role on Buffy, Nicholas did several different things such as commercials, small television parts, and theatrical plays as well! Not to mention several odd jobs over the years such as being a plumbers assistant, waiter, electricians assitant, etc..

As time advanced, Nick decided to move up from television shows to movies. He has starred in (and is the executive producer) of Pinata: Survival Island and Psycho Beach Party. In addition to this, he also has a production studio called Frog Eye Sky Productions.

On September 1, 2001 Nicholas married his long-time girlfriend and love of his life, Tressa di Figlia. This event being probably one of the biggest milestones in his life.

Not only is acting a big passion for Nicky, but so is helping others. For nearly over three years he has been the official spokesman for Nicky and Tressa the amazing Stutterting Foundation of America where everyday they are helping children and teens conquer stuttering. In regards to how long Nick will stay their spokesperson he said, "I would do it every year if they ask me, because stuttering is a very lonely place to be."

As you have read, Nicholas didn't have anything handed to him on a silver platter. He had to work hard and had to overcome a lot of obstacles in his life to get to where he is at now. For all that he has been through, for all that he is done, he deserves all of the good things coming to him and so much more.

Nick's advice to fans is: "I just kind of developed my sense of humor through a life full of ups and downs. You just have to learn how to laugh at life and not take it so seriously. Never lose the inner child in you. And remember, there's nothing that you can't do. If you want to do it, you've got to do it."

In conclusion to this biography, I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Nicholas. I beleive that it sums all of Nicky his kindness and sweetness right up: "I want people to say, 'Nicholas Brendon, he's supposedly the nicest guy in the world.' I want to do good work, but more than that, I want to stay a good human being. That's more important than any character I play."

  1. Celeste in the City (2004) (TV)[Actor .... Dana]
  2. A&E Biography: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2003) (TV)[Actor .... Himself]
  3. Pool at Maddy Breaker's, The (2003) (TV)[Actor]
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (2003) (VG)[Actor .... Xander Harris] (voice)
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002) (VG)[Actor .... Xander Harris] (voice)
  6. 2002 Much Music Video Music Awards (2002) (TV)[Actor .... Himself]
  7. Demon Island (2002)[Actor .... Kyle] [Production Manager]
    ... aka Piņata: Survival Island (2002) (USA: video title)
  8. Psycho Beach Party (2000)[Actor .... Starcat]
  9. MTV Presents: Videos That Don't Suck (1998) (TV)[Actor .... Himself]
  10. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) TV Series[Actor .... Alexander 'Xander' Harris]
    ... aka "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series" (1997)
    ... aka "Buffy" (1997)
  11. Children of the Corn III (1995)[Actor .... Basketball Player One]
    ... aka Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

"Dave's World" (1993) TV Series[Production Assistant]

Notable TV Guest Appearances

  1. "Dave's World" (1993) in episode: "Do the Write Thing" (episode # 3.5) 18 October 1995
  2. "Married... with Children" (1987) playing "Guy In Ray-Ray's Gang" in episode: "Hood in the Boyz" (episode # 8.2) 12 September 1993



Loyal wiseass of the Scooby gang, Alexander LaVelle Harris tries to keep good spirits within the gang despite his questionable home life. Born and raised in Sunnydale, Xander was never much of a student. Lacking academic discipline, he decided to forgo entering UC Sunnydale with the rest of the crew. Instead, he has taken jobs that range from washing dishes at a strip club to bartending to working in construction.

Despite his seeming lack of ambition, Xander has proven on many occasions to be an irreplaceable addition to the team. Xander often shows his deep loyalty to the mission. For instance, he worked hard to keep things sane in Sunnydale while Buffy was missing at the beginning of his senior year in high school.

Best friends with Willow since his youth, Xander keeps pursuing the wrong women. He got the "we're just friends" from Buffy early on in their relationship, nearly became a late night snack for a she-mantis teacher, fell for an Incan mummy, and by kissing Willow, he ended up cheating on the one solid love interest that he had in high school, Cordelia. At one point he even had a quickie with unstable and bloodthirsty Slayer Faith.

Xander's luck turned when former vengeance demon Anya entered his life. They fell in love despite differences in age (approximately a thousand years) and family background (human versus demon). Setting aside his fear of commitment, Xander proposed marriage, and Anya joyfully accepted. Unfortunately, after reflecting on his parents' troubled relationship, Xander realized he wasn't ready to devote himself entirely to Anya. The day of their wedding, he left his would-be-bride brokenhearted by putting a stop to their nuptials. The devastated Anya reverted to her old vengeance-demon ways, and they remain estranged.

After the breakup, Xander's relationship with Buffy was strained, but eventually they reaffirmed their friendship. He was on hand when Warren shot Buffy and Tara, and his moving declaration of love and eternal friendship finally brought Willow back from the brink of destroying the world. Xander saved the day in the simplest, yet most powerful way, through love and devotion to his lifelong friend. As ever, what he lacks in supernatural power, he makes up for in heart.

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