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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

A Shoutouts page lets me say hello and share a few inside jokes over the web. Here's an example of a format I might use.

A for Axed
To try and get fired from 21 Jump Street Johnny did the following: wrapped rubber bands around his tongue while doing his scenes, started wearing a feathered turban on his head and spoke with a Bombay accent and would arrive on set in a George Washington wig and a pair of hip hugging elephant bell bottoms with the American flag embroidered on the crotch...but to no avail. When Johnny signed on for 21 Jump Street, it was under the guise that the show would only last 18 episodes. Four years later, Johnny was still on the show, and catapulted to the undesired role of "teen idol".

B for BFF
There are a number of reports that say Depp's best friend is Marilyn Manson

C for Coulrophobia
Depp owned a painting from serial killer John Wayne Gacy of a clown and since his execution Depp has developed a pathological fear of clowns. "Something about the painted face, the fake smile," Depp told reporters while promoting Sleepy Hollow. "There always seemed to be a darkness lurking just under the surface, a potential for real evil." P. Diddy also has this fear.

While in school Johnny often copied test answers from fellow classmates. "It's horrible. When I was a little kid, and I guess all kids do it, I copied other people's test answers. It was a question of survival. You do what you've got to do. At least, that's what it felt like to me. I couldn't take another failing grade."



C for Cows Blood
Johnny got paid $1200 a day for his work on Nightmare on Elm Street. The blood used in Johnnie's death scene in Nightmare was cows blood. When Johnny got to the set a guy told him, very plainly, that he was going to get sucked into a bed and then get spit out with 500 gallons of cows blood. Johnny was up for it...he wanted the pay check

D for Dropout
Depp left HS around the age of 15. He went back two weeks later and spoke to the dean of the school and he said, "Johnny we don't WANT you to come back." He said, "I know that you have this music thing I think you should run with it. You should. That's your passion, so you should go with that."

E for Engagement
Johnny is fond of proposing. He's been engaged to Sherilynn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Winona Ryder (with rumors of an engagement to Kate Moss.) He's only gone through with it once before, to a makeup artist named Lori Allison (they married for a brief time when he was 20.)

E for Edward Penis Hands
Johnny enjoyed, Edward Penis Hands – he said it was a great film, really funny. There have been 3 versions. Depp has seen #2.

F for French Pop Star
Johnny's current love is French pop star, Vanessa Paradis. They live in France and have 2 children together. Depp wasn't brave enough to go over and ask Vanessa to join him after spying her in a Parisian bar. So he got his friend to do it. She accepted the invite and within weeks they were a couple.

F for Fart
Depp's a sucker for a good fart joke. Depp used a whoopee cushion on the set of Donnie Brasco to play tricks on Al Pacino. Johnny likes fart jokes so much so that he would like to play the role of Le Petomane, a late 19th century phenomenon who could sing with his sphincter.

G for Gas
Johnny pumped gas after dropping out of high school. Once, trying to learn to breathe fire like circus performers, he blew a mouthful of gasoline at a flame. His eyes lit up as the blaze raced toward him--then his eyebrows and hair lit up, too. He barely escaped.

I for Ink
Depp's body is riddled with names and images of loved ones.
1. His mom, Betty Sue - her name is on the heart tattoo on his left arm.
2. Their son born on April 10, 2002. He has Jack tattooed as well as a swallow on his right forearm.
3. Lily-Rose Melody Depp - May 27, 1999 - the birth of his 1st child with Vanessa Paradis. He has her named tattooed right above his heart on his chest
4. Depp has a tattoo of an Indian head for his grandfather.
5. His "Winona Forever" tattoo later was changed to "Wino Forever" after the break-up with Winona Ryder.

I for Idiot
Depp means "idiot" in German. It also means schmo, plunker, oaf, moron, dork and fool.

J for Jack the Ripper
At age 7 he saw a documentary on Jack the Ripper and became obsessed with him. He's read almost every book on the subject. Rumor has it he named his son after the famous serial killer. He also starred in From Hell about the Ripper murders.

K for Keith Richards
Depp was nominated for a best actor Oscar for playing a pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean. "Having a 4-year-old daughter, over the last few years, I've been watching quite a few of the Disney animated films. I just love these movies. When the pirate idea came around, I sort of said it would be great to make a movie that my kids could watch," Depp said. Depp based his character on Keith Richards.

L for Lords (Traci)
In porn-star Traci Lord's autobiography, Underneath It All, she tells about running away from Depp in bed. She was scared she couldn't live up to her image. It happened in 1990 when they were filming Cry Baby

M for Moon
In 1985, Depp did a small movie called Private Resort where you can see a shot of his bare butt. And in high school, Depp once mooned a teacher and was suspended. He has a long history of buttocks baring.

M for Mail
Johnny's got a lot of devoted fans who often coin beautiful letters to him. Johnny on his fan mail: "I've gotten a lot of pubic hairs in the mail. I don't save them. I guess you could get ritualistic about it, burn the pubes in a fire, but I'm not sure I want to touch them so I throw them away."

Eyeguy wants to be friends

N for Nightmare
Johnny used to have a nightmare that he was being chased through bushes and ponds by the Skipper from Gilligan's Island.

O for Oprah Noodlemantra
Depp did a cameo in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare in a TV commercial and was credited as Oprah Noodlemantra.

O for Owensboro
He was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963.

P for Piranhas
Depp is fond of giving Piranhas as gifts. Chris Connelly and David Letterman both received one.

P for P
P is Johnny's most recent band. They released their 1st album in November 1995 and they sometimes play at the Viper Room in LA. Since the age of 12 Johnny's been rocking out on his guitar. His dream was to be a rock star and he has been in 15 bands over the last 25 years.

Q for Queasy
Ever since getting nauseous after seeing himself in Nightmare on Elm Street, Johnny tries to avoid seeing his own movies. He never saw What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Blow and Sleepy Hollow.

R for Rooster
Johnny has a nine foot fiberglass rooster he bought at a Hollywood thrift shop. He keeps it in his living room and affectionately refers to it as his 9 foot cock.

Johnny turned down the lead in Speed. He also turned down Pitt's roles in Thelma and Louise and Legends Of The Fall

T for Telemarketing
Depp had a job selling pens by phone.

U for Uncle
Johnny's uncle was a fire and brimstone, old time southern Baptist preacher. His uncle also had a rock gospel group that Johnny would watch perform, The Gospel Sunlighters. He was a great role model for Johnny

V for Virginity
Johnny lost his virginity at 13.

W for Wooing Winona
Tim Burton wanted to cast Winona opposite Johnny but she was already committed to Godfather III, so he sent Johnny to go woo her. Rumor has it she came down with the flu preventing her from doing Coppola's project and ended up doing Edward Scissorhands instead. Sophia ended up playing Winona's role to disastrous effects.

X for Xenophile
A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures. Depp kissed the good old US of A goodbye and moved to France. He says he moved to escape America's fascination with celebrity's personal lives. He came under scrutiny recently for comparing the US to a dumb puppy: He says he intended no "anti-American sentiment" in comparing the nation to a dumb puppy and blamed news reports for misrepresenting his opinions. He apologized in a statement to those "who were offended, affected or hurt by this insanely twisted deformation of my words and intent." Stern, the German magazine that interviewed the actor, stood by its story.

Y for Yell
Depp is aeronautically challenged. Flying from L.A. to Vancouver during his 21 Jump Street years he got an overwhelming feeling that if he didn't blurt out something shocking, horrible things would ensue. So he yelled, "I F**K ANIMALS!" The plane landed safely.


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